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Tacit Art

191-193 Johnston St, Collingwood

Vic 3066, Australia

Opening night: 8 February, 2023 (6.30 - 8pm)

Group show.

tacit bound pigment poster.webp

Counihan Gallery

233 Sydney Road
Brunswick, Victoria,

5 Nov - 9 Dec 2022

The Merri-bek Summer Show is a much-loved annual exhibition celebrating local artistic talent.

Each year, local artists are invited to submit an artwork that explores a chosen theme. This year’s Merri-bek Summer Show theme is Future Tense, and featured 87 artists.

Inner hum.png

Divisions Gallery
Pentridge, Melbourne, Australia

25 Feb - 27 March 2022

Inner Hum, an exhibition of three abstract painters who play with colour, gesture and movement. With subtle cues to everyday life, Inner Hum is full of the unexpected ­– and asks us to question what we see on first glance.

Featuring works by Belinda Wiltshire, Karen Hew-Yin Eriksen, and Charlotte Ivey.

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