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Charlotte Ivey is a visual artist born in 1984, Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Charlotte studied Philosophy of Art at University of Canterbury, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. She now resides in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.


Ivey’s work reaches from literal representation of the human form in portraiture to abstractions that explore the impact that the physical body and resulting emotions have on our perception of external environments. How the experience of turmoil, of peace, of connection or isolation shift our perception of objective reality.

Through colour and mark-making she expresses tension between the traditionally ‘beautiful’ and ‘distasteful’. Her latest work explores psychological dysphoria by pulling places and objects into a space of fragmentation - where the real and imagined exist in a state of confusion.

Her studio is situated at 23a Studios, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.

Charlotte is currently represented by Queenscliff Gallery.




Substrate (Group exhibition) - Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

Corpora Terra (Solo Exhibition) - Off The Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Elements (Group exhibition) - Off The Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Bound Pigment (Group exhibition) - Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

Merri-bek Summer Show (Group exhibition) - Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Inner Hum (Group exhibition) - Divisions Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Portrait of a Painter (Group exhibition) - Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia





'Dream Violence' album cover - Michael Beach, Melbourne, Australia

'Golden Boy' album cover - Skyscraper Stan, Melbourne, Australia



20 March, 2021 - 'Abstracts at Divisions Gallery'


May 2021
Gimme Gimme Gimme Zine - 'Naarm/Melbourne-bases Musician Michael Beach: "Good Things in my Life Have Happened Because of Music" '

Spill Magazine - Spill Album Review: Skyscraper Stan - Golden Boy: Vol 1 and Vol 2


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