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Charlotte Ivey is a visual artist born in 1984, Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Charlotte studied Philosophy of Art at University of Canterbury, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts. She now resides in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia.


Ivey’s work reaches from literal representation of the human form in portraiture to abstractions that explore the relationship between emotion and the physical body. Through colour and mark-making she expresses tension between the traditionally ‘beautiful’ and ‘distasteful’. Her latest work explores psychological dysphoria by pulling places and objects into a space of fragmentation - where the real and imagined exist in a state of confusion.

Her studio is situated at 23a Studios, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.




Substrate (Group exhibition) - Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

Corpora Terra (Solo Exhibition) - Off The Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Elements (Group exhibition) - Off The Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Bound Pigment (Group exhibition) - Tacit Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

Merri-bek Summer Show (Group exhibition) - Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
Inner Hum (Group exhibition) - Divisions Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Portrait of a Painter (Group exhibition) - Off the Kerb Gallery, Melbourne, Australia





'Dream Violence' album cover - Michael Beach, Melbourne, Australia

'Golden Boy' album cover - Skyscraper Stan, Melbourne, Australia



20 March, 2021 - 'Abstracts at Divisions Gallery'


May 2021
Gimme Gimme Gimme Zine - 'Naarm/Melbourne-bases Musician Michael Beach: "Good Things in my Life Have Happened Because of Music" '

Spill Magazine - Spill Album Review: Skyscraper Stan - Golden Boy: Vol 1 and Vol 2


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